Saturday, July 12, 2008

How do we STOP hurting the body of Christ?

We spend so much time fighting over doctrine and our religious traditions and we forget that we all have one common bond which is JESUS! I am writing this blog to allow Saints a forum to express their love and admiration of Jesus and build a stronger body. A body not being distracted by religion but bonded by a relationship!

I am coming to you live from Tampa Florida and I have a question how can we call ourselves Christians when we spend more time and energy tearing down each other instead of encouraging each other?

On Sunday I invited a friend to church. My friend "Jane" has not been in a church in YEARS! "Jane" absolutely loved service (and who wouldn't when MY Bishop steps to the pulpit the anointing just flows). "Jane" stated after service that she felt like Bishop was talking straight to her and how she has to get her life together. WOW how awesome is GOD to be able to touch "Jane's " heart and position her back on her path!

Now I left church praising God for not giving up on "Jane". "Jane" went home and told her father a choir director of another local church how awesome church was. Instead of her father dropping to his knees and thanking God for not giving up on his child and more importantly praying for his daughters salvation, he began to talk very badly about MY church!

Saying things such as "all they want is to get your money" and " your tithes doesn't go to anyone but the Pastor." ( I am used to this; it is the price of being a member to such a wonderful MEGA church!)

Needless to say "Jane" who is NOT saved began to question her whole experience that she just encountered with GOD! After speaking with "Jane" and discovered that her father has NEVER stepped foot into my church; it made me upset to think that someone who loved "Jane" was harming her!

Brothers and Sisters when did we forget that salvation is more important than anything else?
Have we limited God and put him in our tight religious box?

I believe that the God that I serve will save ANYONE, that includes, strippers, drug dealers, people from all different religious backgrounds AND I believe that he will save them while they are still on the stripper pole, or in the crack house or in their church, synagogue or mausoleum.
I don't believe that sinners have to "get it together" before they can walk into the sanctuary.

So again I ask you : Have you put God a religious box? and more importantly Are you damaging the body of Christ or building the body of Christ?